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Who is

Marjon van Os (1963)

Some feedback about me... "Her mission is to inspire consciousness driven by values such as freedom, compassion, enjoyment, and integrity. As a coach, trainer and facilitator she is creative and open minded. Besides her knowledge she is a very good listener. Her main skills and capabilities are being able to very quickly reach the root cause or question behind any issue".

From 2006 onwards I have become aware of the New Consciousness. What is the New Consciousness? In short: following the Quantum Leap in 2007 we have moved from the Christo era into the New Consciousness era. The Christo era was characterized by deep rooted beliefs and duality (right versus wrong, hatred versus love). The New Consciousness era will help you, if you choose, to break with old structures and to build a new life based on freedom and self-respect.

For many years my deepest desire was to find an answer to the question: 'what are my innermost desires?' Since I chose to seek an answer to this question I have enjoyed an ever closer contact with my own personality and being. 

About my employment history - I worked at Hewlett-Packard, an ICT company for 25 years (from 1982 until 2007). For several years I worked internationally as a coach and trainer. During that period I completed my international qualification in NLP (Neuro Linquistisch Programming) followed by Constellation work (family and organizational), TA (Transactional Analysis Theory) and Professional Coach/Therapist. I am a certified Crimson Circle teacher for Dreamwalker Ascension, SES (Sexual Energy School) and Aspectology School.

I feel grateful that I become who I really am, ALL that I AM.